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We continually look out for the best machines available for specific purposes so this area is continually updated.

Our long standing relationships with the best manufacturers ensure our customers have the most reliable machines that keep working in the hardest conditions and operate efficiently.

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Vitale S
Vitale S

Vitale S
The Vitale S is a fully automatic machine, enabling you to enjoy the perfect espresso coffee and indulgent hot beverage drinks.

The machine has up to 7 product selections; Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate and Hot Water.

The machine can be operated as free sale or when combined with optional extras it also has the following payment options:

Exact price with validator
Cashless systems (key, card)
PROXY recharge system

Its modular construction is easy to maintain and the internal design allows for simple replenishment of products.

Height: 560mm
Width: 305mm
Depth: 410mm
Weight: 25.8kg

fresh milk bean to cup. tchibo


The flexible design approach and the wide array of product configurations allow the MX-3 to cater out-of-home and
office coffee service.  It is simple to use with no complex training, consistent beverage quality, automatic cleaning systems and unlimited choice.

Height: 814mm

Width: 324mm

Depth: 560mm