Water Dispensers

Borg & Overstrom - b2

The b2 is classic, robust and stylish. Simple to use and easy to maintain. It can either be floorstanding or placed on a countertop.  The b2 is capable of dispensing chilled, ambient and hot water.

Height: 475mm ( 1060mm floorstanding)
Width: 325mm
Depth: 365mm
Dispense Height: 185mm

b2. water cooler. water dispenser. borg & overstrom
Borg & Overstrom B5 Water Dispenser

Borg & Overstrom - b5

The b5 range straddles the line between high-end functionality and ultra-modern design. The unique streamlined design of this range will add an extra element of sophistication to any space.

The b5 is a floorstanding cooler that is available in 4 versions;

Chilled, Ambient; Chilled, Ambient, Sparkling; Chilled, Ambient, Hot; Chilled, Hot, Sparkling.

Height: 1310mm
Width: 520mm
Depth: 415mm
Dispense Height: 250mm