About us....

Our heritage, our coffee passion, fair trading and sustainability 

We have been roasters of fine coffee since 1958, and we have always used traditional equipment to slowly roast the highest quality coffee beans to achieve distinctive flavoured coffee blends.  You can find out here about the coffee we roast and how we roast it together with how we ensure you always get to have the perfect serving.


At Shropshire Coffee there's no doubt we're passionate about coffee but there's also a very important guiding rule for us and that's to support coffee growers by buying coffee that has been purchased directly from farms that meet Rainforest Alliance Certified™ sustainability standards.


Maintaining traditional techniques and maximising today's technology produces the highest quality coffees for our customers. Our great quality coffee is sourced from farms that focus on Rainforest Alliance certification, ultimately helping to ensure that our customers purchase coffee that supports the rights and well-being of farm workers, the conservation of natural resources and the protection of wildlife and the environment..


From coffee beans to machines and water treatment to sprinkles we try to have it all covered for you.



Leonardo D’Anna founded the company in 1958 with a mobile shop originally supplying the local Italian & Polish community with all types of food, wines & coffee.  A natural progression was then to open a delicatessen shop which became truly cosmopolitan by the early 1960s also supplying food to the ever increasing population of Asians, Caribbean & Chinese.


Soon expanding to having a “fleet” of 3 mobile shops. As demand started to rise from the Italian Community throughout the country, he started to import continental foods and wines direct from Italy expanding to supply food, wines & coffee across the nation.

d'anna fine foods. bushbury


We have a range of Espresso Coffees formulated on our authentic Sicilian blends. These are roasted by Giuseppe D’Anna, our Sicilian master roaster with over 40 years experience, giving a true taste of Sicily.


By buying direct we can guarantee that more of the money we pay for our coffee goes direct to the farmers, workers & their families. A sustainable, fair & ethical way of trading.


We also have a full range of coffee machines & water treatment units. Our own engineers are able to undertake repairs from simple maintenance to full service & rebuilds of machines.


For your ultimate enjoyment of the perfect cup of freshly ground coffee we offer a complete customer service and the finest blends of coffees, thus providing a package leaving nothing to chance.


We manufacture our own water treatment units, and also regenerate the spent ones as a service exchange.