• No preservatives*
  • GMO free
  • Gluten Free
  • No HFCS
  • Vegan*
  • Halal*
  • Kosher*
  • Dairy Free

*few products may vary.

1883 Maison Routin Syrups

1883 draws upon a heritage of boldness and a never-ending pursuit of perfection. For over 130 years Maison Routin has been a committed maker of flavouring syrups.

Each 1Ltr bottle provides up to 125 servings (based on 8oz hot drinks).  The syrups can be used in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mochas, sodas, cocktails, flavoured beers, granitas, cooking, smoothies, milk shakes and frappes or just with water!

1 Litre Glass Bottles

Almond Cinnamon Kiwi Saffron
Amaretto Coconut Lavender Salted Caramel
Anise Coffee Lemon Speculoos
Apple Cranberry Lime Spicy Cayenne Pepper
Apricot Cucumber Lychee Spritz
Banana Date Macadamia Nut Strawberry
Blackberry Dulche De Leche Mango Tangerine
Blackcurrant Eggnog Maple Tarragon
Blood Orange Elderflower Melon Tiramisu
Blue Curacao Falernum Mixed Berries Toasted Marshmallow
Blueberry French Madeleine Mojito Mint Toffee Crunch
Blueberry Muffin French Vanilla Orange Triple Sec
Brownie Ginger Orchid Vanilla
Bubblegum Gingerbread Passion Fruit Violet
Butterscotch Grapefruit Peach Warm Spices
Cane Sugar Green Apple Pear Watermelon
Caramel Green Mint Pineapple White Chocolate
Caramelised Peanut Green Tea Pink Grapefruit White Peach
Cardamon Hazelnut Pistachio Yellow Lemon
Chai Tea Iced Mint Pomegranate Yuzu Lemon
Cherry Ice Tea Elderflower Popcorn
Cherry Blossom Ice Tea Lemon Pumpkin Spice
Cherry Plum Ice Tea Mango Raspberry
Chestnut Ice Tea Peach Roasted Hazelnut
Chocolate Ice Tea Raspberry Rose
Chocolate Cookie Irish Cream Rum

Sugar free syrups 1 litre bottles


Chocolate Hazelnut Vanilla

Syrup Pump (fits all bottles)