Automatic Coffee Machines


Mini Magnum

The Mini Magnum is attractive, easy to use and perfect for rapid and optimal service management, ensuring a professional and consistent drink quality every time. With its 3 internal canisters is it able to produce up to 9 different drinks all within a footprint of 16.5cm wide.

Height: 660 mm
Width: 165 mm
Depth: 455 mm (600mm with door open)
Weight: 16 kg
Dispense Height: 150 mm

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Mini Magnum
bolero. bravilor. instant machine


The Bolero enables you to dispense your coffee, the way you like it. It comes equipped with a lighted operating panel, drip-tray, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme. With 3 internal canisters the machine is fully programmable up to 9 drink selections.

Also available with a coin mechanism

Height: 596mm
Width: 338mm
Depth: 435mm
Weight: 33.8kg