Our Coffees

Here at Shropshire Coffee we take immense pride in our coffees. The coffee beans are specially selected and meticulous roasting traditions ensure that each cup of coffee is of exceptional quality. We are able to pack in various sizes to suit your requirements.


Directors Choice

This coffee is a subtle blend of the Finest Coffee beans.
Done to a medium roast to produce a light nutty flavoured, dark liquored coffee.



This is an after dinner blend of Arabica coffee beans.
Slowly roasted to produce a full, round bodied, well developed flavoured Coffee.


Espresso Oro Blend

This coffee is a traditional double roasted Italian Blend of coffee that produces an excellent espresso or cappuccino of great strength and character but with no bitterness.


Mocca Ricca Blend

This is a blend of Central American Arabica Beans, lightly roasted  to produce a coffee with a distinct smooth nutty flavour with velvety sweet undertones and an excellent body.


Continental Blend

The beans are slowly roasted to produce a full-bodied and Caffeine charged Espresso blend that will excite the taste buds. A perfect blend for the Espresso drinker.


Sicilian Blend

A blend of Arabica Beans from South America, double roasted to produce a coffee with a full flavour and mellow richness.



A blend of Arabica Beans, roasted to perfection and specially ground to produce a coffee with a full flavour and mellow richness.



We only use South American Arabica Beans that have been decaffeinated naturally using pure water only. The beans are then gently roasted to give a coffee that is full of flavour and richness.