Water Treatment Units

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Water Treatment Units

In order to assure that the cup of coffee our customer produces is of the highest quality we have also taken control of the water treatment units and manufacture them ourselves new and undertake the regeneration of the spent units.


We have specialised in treatment units specifically for coffee machines. Traditional espresso machines have different needs to modern flash boiler bean to cup machines. We have developed individual water treatment units for each need, optimising flow rates and resin types. Fracino, the UK’s only espresso machine manufacturer, use us exclusively for their water treatment units, amongst many other coffee roasters and coffee service companies.


The quality of water will have a direct effect on the taste of coffee and tea. In fact all food production that requires water will be effected by the quality of the water used.


With the introduction of fluorine and chlorine, into drinking water along with very low levels of heavy metal contamination, the flavour of all beverages and food will be greatly affected.


Hard water although good for producing good coffee and tea will cause a scale buildup in the boilers. Soft water although excellent for coffee making does not produce a very good cup of tea, therefore a happy media has to be achieved for the system that we use for all our beverage production.


The water treatment units that we use remove the temporary hardness from the water (magnesium and calcium carbonates ) and all other impurities to give a purified water that can be used both for coffee and tea production and in the preparation of food.


On installation we analyze your water and will be able to optimize the quantity of water the unit will purify The frequency of change on the water treatment units will depend on the hardness of the water in your area and the amount of through put. The water treatment units can be regenerated when they are spent, at a considerable saving to your selves.


These units can also be used on steam ovens and generators.


2,600 litres 7,000 litres 10,000 litres 14,000 litres 18,000 litres
Height (mm)
380 490 520 655 640
170 240 240 265 265

* performance at temporary hardness 200ppm and 30% blend.

*Water pressure required: minimum 1.5 bar maximum 6.0 bar Larger vessels can be supplied on request.

Automatic Regeneration

These systems are ideally suitable for use with dishwashers, icemakers, steam generators and Steam ovens. The resin used is automatically regenerated using a brine solution on a nightly basis. The unit is fully programmable.