Servicing and Maintenance

For our coffee customers we are able to undertake all maintenance and servicing of your coffee machines.

By having our own trained service people we are able to respond within a few hours. We can also provide you with a loan machine for work that we are unable to undertake at your premises.

In order to ensure that your customer receives the best coffee possible your coffee machine requires regular servicing. Each type of coffee machine requires its own particular mode of maintenance.

Water quality is also a reason for machine break downs and unpleasant odours and bad tasting drinks.

All our work is fully guaranteed and a “back to new” rebuild has a full years guarantee.



We regularly monitor your water treatment units by taking samples of water to optimise usage of the unit and coffee production. By regularly changing the water treatment unit the life of your machines will be greatly extended by many years.


Espresso Machines

Each time a coffee is made by your espresso machine, the group head valve exhausts the pressure at the end of the coffee making process and small amounts of coffee grounds and oils are sucked back through the group head wash plate and collects inside the group head. These oil and grounds will go rancid and spoil the flavour of the coffee.

Espresso machines require the heads to be back flushed with quartz cleaner at least daily. However, even with back flushing, the seals and wash plates in the group heads should be changed at least once a year.

A service for an Espresso machine entails having the group heads cleaned and back flushed with Quartz Group Detergent.  New shower plates and seals fitted. The pressure release valve cleaned and reset. All filter holders are also striped and cleaned with the detergent.


Pour & Serves, Bulk Brewers and Table Top Dispensers

Although these machines do not suffer the build-up of coffee oils and grounds, they do have problems with scale build up leading to bad taste and odours. The use of treated water will ensure the perfect cup of coffee or tea.


Water Boilers and Steam Boilers

Scale is the biggest factor in the breakdown of these machines and bad water taste and odour. The use of a water treatment unit will again be of great advantage.